R resouRces database

“resouRces” is a database of resources to learn and teach a programming language called R. R is a language that people use to analyze and work with data. The website has different sections that talk about different topics related to R. In the “Topics” section, there are different categories like art, data science, datasets, and more. Each category has resources like ebooks, slides, tutorials, and courses that can help you learn about that topic.

For example, if you want to learn about data science, you can find ebooks, slides, and tutorials specifically about data science using R. There is also an “Extra” section where you can find some extra things like the favorite packages and functions of Joscelin, as well as other fun stuff related to R that didn’t really fit in the categories above.

The website is designed to help people who want to learn R (basic to advance) or teach it to others. It provides a lot of resources that can make it easier for beginners to understand and learn the language. Whether you want to make websites, analyze data, or do other cool things with R, this website has resources to help you.